7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains Twice Faster

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7 reasons why your smartphone battery drains twice quickly

1. Work with your phone while charging:

This is one of the main reason why the battery last for some reasons that are playing together, music, surfing the internet, high intensity light screen while charging your cell phone factors reduce cell battery power of your phone.

2. Using Fake Power edit or death USB Cord

There are thousands of fake power of banks circulated in the local market. This is detrimental to everyone who bought it. Not only fake bank power to destroy your smartphone battery cell power, it will also let you slow charging problem or your phone is not charging anything.

Here are a few guides on how to know Fake Power Banks

Often Chinese in nature.

They come in counterfeit name brand like BMW, HP, Infinix, who was not directly acknowledge these companies.

Power capabilities are very overhyped.

Usually very cheap.

7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains Twice Faster

3. Remove the battery Too Often

You can not really control

But you can not prove this in a dark room or at night.

Every time you remove the battery smartphone, there is little spark that emerges from the battery terminals to reduce cell battery power. Imagine removing the battery as ten times a day? You will not make a mistake right?

4. Using Desktop / Universal Charger

Desktop charger is used in case of emergency or when the battery is extremely dead, and not directly approved by the phone manufacturer and your phone off specification quality. It may come with high voltage or low voltage because most lack a good voltage regulator.

7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains Twice Faster

5. Charge Your Phone on a High voltage or low voltage Power Source

Charge Your Phone with a high or under voltage power meter is bad for your battery health,

Its not advisable to use the power generating set battery charge. As electronic level meter is not guaranteed.

6. Surrounding High temperatures

Using the phone in the heated area some times people blame a smartphone hard hazard area or in an environment not conducive as under an umbrella or in the market areas of the sun can not reach the phone deducible

7. Too many running apps in the background

wow in the behaviors of people like me are always a multi function work on my phone or downloaded at the same time watching movies. this really off cell battery which gives many phone business holding.

7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains Twice Faster

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