How To Read Faster Without Learning Any Speedreading Courses

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How To Read Faster Without Learning Any Speedreading Courses

There are a bunch of speedreading courses, software, seminars, tools and techniques available in the market today.

Some of them claim to increase reading speed up to 300% while others only require you to download an app to your devices that can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Without getting into the argument or work, or which programs are best to use, let me give you 3 simple techniques you can use immediately without spending investment in seeds in any of those materials.

Tips #1 Use A Pointer

Your approach is the best friend.
One common reason why people are slow readers is that they rely solely on their eyes.
Our eyes actually always stay fixed in the same spot. They constantly twitching collect information outside your focal point.

If you rely solely on your eyes to read, it is easy to miss where you are and you’ll have to waste time locating the paragraph and success understand.

To avoid regression, using the index finger or pen. Point to words as you advance quickly across the line and down the page. With this kind of help, your eyes can follow the flow easily and will increase the reading speed.

Tips #2 Skip Reading 2-3 Words From The Margins

Without getting too scientific, central vision is how we understand things on a higher resolution while the other revelation is how we will get a gist of the scene with small see resolution.

You think there are 3 people standing around you, standing right in front of you 5 meters while B and C stand at about 60 degrees perpendicular to you (from the left, one on the right).

If you look straight into his eyes, you can see a clear vision of who this guy arrested for the use and central vision. So,

when you maintain eye contact, you can only see the B & C around him without being able to recognize faces because you see them, and peripheral vision.

During the study, most of us only use the central vision. That’s why we read every word on the line without knowing it is taking excessive time.

What you should do is to skip read 2-3 words (depending on the size of the font) at the beginning and at the end of the sentence.

Your side vision can look those words without affecting your perception. This way you save 30-40% of the time by

skipping a chunk of info while still understanding what is being said.

Tips # 3 Know Your Major purpose of Reading

I can not believe so many of us have overlooked this simple idea.

Books are not created equal. Articles are not created equal. Contents are not created equal. It is a great mistake if we

use this time or speed read everything.

If the point is to the park, convenience & entertainment, then chill out when you read Fifty Shades of Grey.

If the intention is to make some bold Harvard research, research & analysis, then, not to indulge in speed reading and

rush through the process.

If the goal is to find a solution, method or technique taught a noble author, to skip the first 5 chapters and read

Chapter 6 only.

Stop being so single-esteem and sense-minded as you read.

Strategy. You choose. Be enthusiastic. Be ready to change color.

If you only do these 3 tips above, I am sure that you do not need to spend a seeds to buy a speed reading program.

Have fun with it!

How To Read Faster Without Learning Any Speedreading Course

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